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Production, Recording & Consulting:


a)  provide a low-stress, supportive environment for recording your songs


b)  best suited to acoustic singer-songwriter, small combo artists


c)  pre-production work before going into a 'big' studio


d)  provide guidance on song arrangement and lyrics


e)  play bass, guitar, mandolin and/or harmonica backing parts


f)  can secure other professional musicians to play or sing on your recording


g)  the calm voice of experience


h)  reasonable rates for your project




Music Publishing with Guilty Man's Music of Canada, SOCAN


      i)  represents the interests of only a small number of writers

     ii)  can highlight the steps required if you wish to act as your own publisher

    iii)  encourage other artists to record songs written by our writers


Guilty Man's Music Publishing created in 1983 by Jim Ryan as part of the business side of the Traverston Band project.  The album Swinging The Night Away contained original works by bandmates Jim Ryan and Oliver Schroer as well as Darrell Laviolette and Philip Marzec.


Guilty Man's Music is affiliated with SOCAN Performance Rights Organization in Canada who also represents their worldwide interests.  The simple goal of the enterprise is to promote and monitor the use of compositions from their catalog.  Artists wishing to include songs by our writers in their recording, film or other media are certainly encouraged to do so.  Please contact us directly and take the necessary steps to fully credit and compensate the writer(s) and publisher as required by law.  Thank you for your interest in our music.

  It all starts with guitar

Sometimes you

just need to look at things from


different perspective

In the studio as producer - 1998

Peter Yeoman project

 Dedicated to the creative souls past, present and future who capture our dreams

 only to give them back to us gift wrapped in lyric & melody, in poetry & prose,

 in visual imagery and the myriad incarnations of the dramatic arts.

 You feed our imagination and make us whole.

 Thank You

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