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Ryan & Ronan recordings is a small independent recording and production enterprise owned and operated by Jim Ryan in Mitchell, Ontario, Canada.


The business is named for Jim's parents, Cecil Ryan & Kathleen Ronan whose deep musical roots fostered a continued interest in the appreciation, performance, composition and promotion of music in its many forms.


Jim Ryan has been immersed in music for over fifty years.  Recording music soon became as natural and necessary as playing it in the first place.  From the 3M Wollensak Reel to Reel in the mid-60's, through Teac 40-4, Fostex A-8 and Tascam 244 to the current ProTools/iMac set-up, the pace of technological change and the sport of trying to keep up has been a blast.


Along the way, the venue has changed so many times; from the living room or bedroom of the farm home in Grey County, through building dedicated music spaces in the series of homes to 'whatever comes next'.


The 1983 recording of Swingin' The Night Away with the Traverston Band at Elora Sound with Engineer Bill Mather provided quite the education for bandmates Jim Ryan and Oliver Schroer who shared production duties.  The project also necessitated formation of the record label Jump/Start Records and the Guilty Man's Music Publishing Company.  The intervening years have seen variations on the Jump/Start theme utilized by a variety of other artists across North America, so the reissue of the original and only Traverston Band recording (JMR-8386) is now on the Ryan & Ronan label (as the logical offspring to Jump/Start Records, Canada, 1983). Guilty Man's Music Publishing remains vibrant representing a large catalog from a handful of artists.


Oliver Schroer went on to make a solid and successful career of performance and production.  He looked after Private Eye Studio from Jim Ryan's East York (Toronto) address in the 1980's recording such notables as Don Ross while laying the foundation for his iconic music career.  Please visit Oliver's website


Jim Ryan has continued to provide recording and production services as well as consultation through Music With A Heartbeat.  For an indepth review of Jim Ryan as singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, please visit From 1979 through 2013 he also sustained a rewarding career as an educator before retirement as a Secondary School Principal.


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