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My Background in a few pictures . . .



My parents: Cecil and Kathleen (Ronan) Ryan

Then, much more recently . . .

About this Ireland focus:

The trip to Ireland in June of 2014 was an exciting time for me (my first time) accompanied by my four sisters and their husbands and my world travelling, tour guide niece Jan.  Reflecting on our Irish roots, spending time visiting the locales which once were home to our Ryan, Ronan, Darcy, and Egan ancestors.


Helps to make sense of my songs 'Too Long To Go Home' (on Snippets of Truth) and the yet unreleased 'Ireland' prompted by the reading of Frank Delaney's book IRELAND.  Going on the ANGELA'S ASHES tour in Limerick was also a treat, the setting for Frank McCourt's challenging early life.

And, not so recently . . . not much grey hair in sight

The Traverston Band Era

1982 - 1985

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